Mixing Software

Currently using base model mixing software via Pro-Tools, along with the latest plug-ins from such names as Joe Sturgis and others. 

Currently using a number of different Shure Microphones to capture vocals, guitars, and drums. 






New Start of the Art Outboard Gear

Includes an Avalon for vocals and bass; Avid's Eleven Rack with no shortage of guitar patches, Saffire Pro 40, as well as a number of amps such as Marshall, Blackstar, and Hartke.



M-Audio BX8 Monitors allow for perfect playback listening. 




Red Menace is running Pro-Tools 12. The most up to date version, and the latest trending plug-ins. 



New Big Name Instruments

The engineer prefers that each musician bring their own instrument, as this is the instrument they are use to playing and are most comfortable with. For those who with no preference, Red Menace has furnished the studio with excellent new gear. See our Gear page for more details. Rental fees apply. 




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